Phen24 – what is it?

adipheneDiet pills are usually made having one mechanism of action in mind (fat binders, appetite suppressants etc).

Adiphene is different than most of diet pills on the market in a sense that it attacks weight loss from multiple angles by combining several different ingredients and giving you multiple benefits. Manufacturers of Adiphene call it “a multi-approach fat loss supplement”.

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Adiphene ingredients

Usually in order to get several benefits, a person has to take several supplements. However, Adiphene has a goal to combine several properties into one easy to take tablet. And it does this by including the following ingredients:

  • 1 fat binding ingredient – Chitosan extract
  • 1 appetite suppressant – Glucomannan (konjac root)
  • 5 stimulant ingredients – bitter orange, guarana extract, ginseng panax root extract 10%, Chromium Picolanate, Cocoa Extract 98%
  • 3 fat metabolizers – Vitamin B6, Ginger Root extract and L-Carnitine HCL
  • 2 Thermogenic boosters: Cinnamon extract 4%, Cayenne capsicum.

How does Adiphene work?

bothAll the ingredients inside Adiphene work synergistically in order to give you more energy, make you eat less and at the same time help you metabolize more calories, while decreasing absorption of fats.

You see, most of skinny people have very efficient metabolisms and they are able to convert more of the food they eat into usable energy and store less fat that way.

Adiphene has a goal to help larger people make their metabolisms function like those of a slim people.

How to take Adiphene?

For best results it is recommended to take 1 Adiphene capsule with water about 20 minutes before breakfast and 1 capsule 20 minutes before lunch. That’s it! Although physical activity and change in diet are always a good thing, Adiphene manufacturers claim that it is not necessary while taking Adiphene. This is even more good news for the regular dieters.

Each Adiphene package contains 60 tablets, which will last you for 1 month. However, manufacturers recommend using Adiphene for at least 3 months since it is a time frame required for metabolism boosting to happen. And when you buy a 3 month supply of Adiphene you will get additional 1 month supply for free!

Where to buy it?

Adiphene is sold only via the official website and nowhere else. That means that you cannot buy this weight loss pill in regular high street shops or pharmacies. Also you cannot buy it off eBay or Amazon.

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